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We are building a portfolio of global digital scale  platforms and brands


Engati is reimagining the customer experience (CX) with machine learning intelligence and automation.

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peopleHum is an end-to-end platform for new age employee experience (EX) with machine learning, workflow automation and one view of the organization across teams and associates.

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innovation tech


Quinbay provides deep scale capabilities and proficiencies in building custom scale based platforms in eCommerce,supply chain, mobile, and analytics.

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Automation intelligence


With piMonk - we specialize in working on cutting edge innovation and disruption ideas across the globe.

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Thinkers and coaches


leadersHum is a free community that enables global leaders, thinkers and coaches to voice their opinion through blogs, videos, ebooks, etc. We now have 10,000+ leaders shaping their skills through our platform.

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Global Leader futurist


At the forefront of Digital and Innovation, lies engatica, a community of like-minded innovators on a mission to educate, inform & innovate. Get unlimited access to exclusive insights now!

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